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  • Frequently touched areas are disinfected regularly
  • Regular temperature checks for team members and guests
  • Hand sanitizer widely available around the hotel
  • Touchless interactions and transactions


Plan an enchanting wedding day with the help of The Landmark London Events team, who will be personally dedicated to making your wedding dreams a reality. Our legendary service and stunning event spaces come together to create magnificent memories for you and your guests that will last a lifetime.


Our members will wear protective gear as required by local health guidelines and maintain and adhere to Government guidelines concerning social distancing. All team members handling any meeting material or furniture will wear gloves.

Mandatory hand sanitation will be provided with the help of touch-less hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance of each meeting room; also wet wipe stations will be available within all meeting rooms. Hand sanitiser will be available to team members in the back of house areas.

We will reduce the capacity of each of our meeting rooms. A revised capacity chart has been produced with different meeting layouts to include social distancing guidelines.

We will provide individually portioned served food & beverages. We will enforce social distancing whilst guests are in line to obtain hot/ cold beverage / food. Some cold items may be available for hand collection by guests.

We will continue to use our leader blotters with disposable paper, we will replace the paper after each meeting. All pencils will be disinfected after each meeting. Attendees will be encouraged to bring their own pens or pencils.

We will sanitise all high-touch points e.g. telephones, projectors, remote control, door/handles, light switches, flip charts & markers, etc, after each meeting and during breaks.

We will provide touch free open topped bin with plastic liner, in all registration areas. These will be emptied periodically and disinfected.

Whilst each meeting room is serviced, we will ensure it is well-ventilated by opening window(s) where possible.

We will rearrange furniture / in such a way that allows for proper social distancing. We will place discreet, yet visible markings on the floor & ropes and posts to assist in maintaining social distancing.

Our furniture will be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.


Grand and glamorous banqueting suites, world-class cuisine and luxurious accommodations have proven to be the perfect ingredients in making every wedding simply sensational.

From fabulous parties to intimate family gatherings, we have an array of options. Our enthusiastic team will be dedicated to helping make every aspect of your special day truly exceptional.

Kosher and South Asian menus are available, and the Wedding team also coordinates with vendors who specialise in Asian wedding ceremonies.

Welcome to a 5-star oasis of luxury in the heart of London, the world’s finest city. As a guest at The Landmark London hotel, you’ll experience quintessential London charm in sumptuous surroundings.

Discover a breath-taking oasis of luxury, sophistication and serenity – the perfect venue to host your enchanting wedding day. Our legendary service and stunning event spaces come together to deliver the magnificent wedding package – and create memories that last a lifetime!

Grand and glamorous banqueting suites, world-class cuisine and luxurious accommodation are the perfect ingredients to make your occasion simply sensational.

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