One of our sons organised his wedding for the past weekend … arranged a lovely schedule of events involving the whole inner family staying at the Landmark Hotel and having the Hotel host their wedding reception dinner in a private dinning room and what a total success this endeavour proved to be.

Along with his fiancee he arranged with the assistance of the very helpful hotel wedding planning team a really well honed yet intimate wedding day. The staff at this hotel must be commended … absolutely nothing was too much trouble and they performed incredibly well throughout what was a long day of celebration.

Like any couple planning their very special day they were anxious that their entire party staying in the hotel for some 3 nights / 4 days should have lovely accommodation so they took suite 312 themselves and used it as a focal point which worked very well with everyone else having similar suites close by … all with multiple televisions marble bathrooms and every addition you could think of.

When you’re trying to arrange events like this its the detail that counts and even down to ensuring two guests with disabled badges for their cars were met at the front entrance and their cars parked under the building to avoid the slightest inconvenience … this is just one of many examples of the hotel’s thoughtful ethos including staff doing a flurry of things in the suites and at the event … in fact too many examples to detail but all done with a smile and ‘whatever it takes attitude’.

The wedding breakfast menu was designed in conjunction with the planning team and was beautifully balanced along with a total selection of champagne white red and rose wines until the last weary guest headed for bye byes .. or out into town for the youngsters still wanting to party on !

If anyone is thinking of arranging something like this do not hesitate… the hotel is very well situated … beautifully appointed inside with the most wonderful atrium covering the central court complete with palm trees and foliage. My wife and I have not stayed here before but would certainly do so again. Given the costs involved for the rooms alone the groom managed to get a very sensible overall deal that was clearly very very good value for money.

The bride’s parents, although widely travelled, were visiting London for the first time from abroad and went home monday evening completely charmed by our capital and not least by the warm welcome the Landmark gave them.

In all a fantastic weekend made all the more enjoyable by the brilliant staff who went the extra mile to ensure the entire stay was a total pleasure .. Thank you Landmark you made our son and his new wife’s wonderful wedding weekend very special.

Thanks for all your help in making the Wedding a success. Everything went as planned and the guest gave positive feedback on the setup, quality of service provided by the team as a whole. But I can tell you that when my wife walked into the room it was really an emotional moment for her seeing people who have travelled to be with her on her Big Day.

I just wanted to say how happy we were with how everything went on Sunday. The hotel looked stunning, the food was spectacular, the staff were all so helpful and everything was beautifully organised. Thank you for all of your help and planning in the run-up and for making sure that it all ran smoothly on the day. We had a wonderful day and are so pleased we chose the Landmark.