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Tuesday 28th July 2020


Who is speaking?

Let’s start with a little introduction: my name is Alex Morado, MICE Sales Manager and part of the Sales & Marketing team at The Landmark.
My main purpose is to ensure we have meetings, incentives, conferences, groups and events in the hotel. In order to achieve this we must have great relationships with new and existing clients so they always put forward The Landmark as their top choice from hundreds of venues and direct competitors that we have in London and worldwide.


Sophisticated and serene, the perfect venues for events.


The first time I ever saw The Landmark London in person was during my interview and I could not believe how breathtaking the Winter Garden was, I had researched online but the pictures do not do the hotel justice. This is why we always invite clients to come and meet us in person and experience the hotel (champagne during a client meeting always helps seal the deal!).

As soon as I started working, getting to know the meeting spaces and learning about the hotel’s heritage, I discovered there was a reason for every décor style and a story behind every room. Follow me on this personal tour through our event spaces:

Grand Ballroom

The minute you walk into the Grand Ballroom you are taken aback by how large and bright the space is, with floor to ceiling windows, large chandeliers and Victorian detailing on the ceiling. Next time you are in the space please look up at the ceiling! It’s so gorgeous the amount of work that has gone into the carvings and how beautifully it has been maintained since 1889.
My fondest memory of The Grand Ballroom is the hotels 120th anniversary celebration that took place in December 2019 where all heads of department and sales team dressed up as Victorian characters and hosted an spectacular Victorian Christmas lunch for our top clients and journalists (see all the details of this remarkable event here). It was notable the impeccable ability that our kitchen and banqueting team has to serve such delicious food (we are all still dreaming about the truffle and mushroom soup), seeing our clients smiling, laughing and singing, it was a room full of love & joy!
This is how special memories are created with clients, who are still talking about this fabulous celebration; they now call it the last great celebration before the COVID 19 hit.


Marble Ballroom

The Marble Ballroom has beautiful large marble pillars which clients are very impressed with. When you walk in, turn to the left:  you will see a balcony which has been covered. In the Victorian times the Marble Ballroom used to be filled with elegant balls and the VIP guests could address their guests and watch the evening from this balcony.
A few decades after, while the building was use as the British Rail Headquarters, this magnificent room became a basketball court for the employees, not a bad place to practice dunks.

To have such grand and beautiful spaces right across from each other makes The Landmark one of the best choices for large conferences and weddings.


Drawing Room

This special space mark is the oak wood panelling all throughout the room. Look closer at these – it is impressive the amount of detailing wooden art this room has. At the further end of the room, above the left hand fireplace, you will see a wood carving of the original crest of the Great Central hotel from 1889.
During Victorian times, The Drawing room used to be a gentleman’s room where men would retire after dinner to make business, smoke cigars and gamble, which explains its masculine feel. What I like the most about this particular room is that the space has one of the only three working fire places in the hotel (other ones are by the North Entrance & inside Great Central restaurant) which provides a cozy and warm atmosphere perfect for Christmas parties and smaller client dinners.


Tower Suite

The Tower Suite located on the 5th floor and it used to be an actual guest room, however as there was only one in the hotel and the space is so unique, the management team decided to turn it into an event space (best idea ever!). The space is split into three rooms, all three have natural daylight and views of the Atrium in the heart of the hotel from the top! When you walk in to the main room, you are flooded with natural daylight coming from a huge skylight window making all clients that walk in fall in love with the space. When you are in the room don’t forger to look up, as you will be able to see the clock tower that crowns our beautiful facade.


Empire Room

Saving my favourite space for last: The Empire Room. As the Drawing Room was the gentleman’s room in the past, its counterpart the Empire Room was used as the ladies room during Victorian times. Ladies would gather and knit in this space (I secretly hope they were sneaking alcohol and having as much fun as the gentlemen!). The room is light, bright and feminine; a bit like me, that’s why it’s my favourite space!

Each room has its own personality and history which is reflected in the current decoration. The Landmark London has some of the most beautiful and unique spaces in London, being one of the only 5*hotels with so many event rooms that have natural daylight, a big wow factor to all clients. 2019 was a record year for events at The Landmark, with all the current refurbishments, such a passionate and strong team I can only imagine many more record years to come!

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