Stay at home but stay in shape

Incredible tips from our Spa Manager to take care of yourself at home

Thursday 8th April 2020

Who is speaking?

Hida Shuleta our Spa Manager at The Landmark London.
Her favourite self care routine is a mini facial during a hot bath, not only relaxing the body but treating the skin at the same time. The hot water acts as a steamer, perfect for opening up the pores allowing a deeper cleanse.
Her current favourite at-home exercise is yoga, it is one of the safest ways of engaging her body, and also an imperative way of connecting both her mind and body.
If she had to describe The Landmark Spa in three words it would be, rejuvenating, intimate, elegant.

“Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners.” William Shakespeare
The well-known “my body is my temple” has never been so accurate these days. Self care is so important, waking up and feeling good in your body and mind will definitely change the pace of your day.

Everyone has their own wellbeing routine and in our busy city lives, it often consists of an outdoor or collective activity. It is so motivating to go to the gym with a colleague or a friend, to join your favourite yoga club for a quick session, or to play football or rugby outside in the park.
Being by ourselves at home can affect our wellbeing and daily exercises, however there are ways for you to take care of your body while not leaving the house.

Staying fit also means making sure your immune system is ready to fight infections and bacteria. In order to do so, it is essential to strengthen your immunity as much as possible, and build up your army of white blood cells.

How to transform my diet at home?

Including immune system boosters in your daily meals is a great first step. It does not have to exclude the savours of your favourite dishes. Find the perfect boosters below.

Citrus fruits: easy to add a squeeze to any meals or in hot/fresh water.
Red Bell Peppers: they contain twice as much Vitamin C as citrus. They aid on keeping the eyes and skin healthy.
Broccoli: they are filled with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A,C and E, antioxidants and fibre. It is better to not cook them too much to conserve their nutrients.
Garlic: you can add a little zinc to your food and it will help lower blood pressure.
Spinach: Very rich in Vitamin C and contains numerous antioxidants. In order to conserve its nutrients it is better to cook it only as little as possible like broccoli.

Other powerful foods helping boost your immune system include: ginger, kale, carrots, beans, bananas, yoghurt, tumeric, seafood, almonds, sunflower seeds, papaya, kiwi, green tea


How to exercise at home?


We understand that the idea of the moment is to exercise indoors, however you are also allowed to exercise outdoors by maintaining the social distancing rules.

Outdoor exercises
The best exercises are running, cycling or walking, as they all have the added benefit of providing some sun exposure to boost your vitamin D levels while you are burning calories.
Vitamin D is produced in our skin with sun exposure, getting outdoors, especially in nature if possible. Vitamin D is also known for helping boosting your immune system and mood.

Play your favourite playlist and hit the park at least three times a week and it will really help your body and mind. If you are looking into a running challenge, make sure you do start little by little with your own pace and follow some fitness guidelines.

Indoor exercises
House walking: It is a form of exercise where you can complete a workout walking up and down the stairs, by cooking a healthy meal in the kitchen or by talking on the phone. The steps can be monitored with a step counter watch or by using apps on your phone.

Fitness classes online
YMCA 360 – Online Exercise propose a wide range of videos for you to exercise from home. From yoga, to bootcamp and weight lifting, fix yourself an objective a day and achieve your body goals with these videos.
It also includes kid’s activities and older adults activities so the whole family can be active together.