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How can candles scents set your mood for the day?

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Monday 27th July 2020


Who is speaking?

Parks Candles is our official partner at The Landmark London, we have been working with them to create our unique The Landmark London candle with a White Tea & Thyme scent. It is a family business founded by Carol Symons in 1987, with a 33,000 square feet production facility in the heart of England, showroom in London’s West End and customers all over the world.
They are offering luxury scented candles homemade with love and passion with a wide range of fragrances.


The secrets behind our Landmark Candle

A good home deserves a good fragrance and scent is an essential way to create comfort in our own sanctuaries. A well-picked home fragrance can bring a sense of calm and a reassuring atmosphere to a room, but it also creates an association – an olfactory link that we read as home. This is why home fragrance is so important, because it can allow you to think about your space, and all the positive emotions found within, just with one scent.

When creating their bespoke candle, The Landmark Hotel wanted to capture the inviting yet calm atmosphere of their hotel, which is an oasis of luxury like no other. Their candle, White Tea & Thyme boasts an elegant and tranquil blend of ingredients that feel palatial without indulgent. It’s a scent that breathes softly, evoking images of immaculate rooms with fine, architectural details.
White Tea & Thyme is refreshing, harmonious and breezy. It’s the signature scent of The Landmark Hotel and it can be a signature for your home too.

A Refreshing Top Note

Bergamot brings a zesty, invigorating clarity to White Tea & Thyme, hinting at steamy cups of Earl Grey sipped from pristine china cups. This instantly creates a relaxed, comfortable feeling that one feels that they could just sink into, just like one does when relaxing into their favourite chair with a good book.

A Perfect Harmony

The heart of the fragrance is built on the marriage of white tea and thyme – two materials that bring warmth, greenery and a herbaceous air to the fragrance. White tea, with its clear, mineral and malty facets merges perfectly with the spicy, aromatic and leathery facets of thyme, creating a rich core that feels soothing to the nose.

A Flourish of White

An air of white musk and white flowers lifts the fragrance, diffusing it into the air and giving it a dazzling aura. Rounding off any harsh edges, the cottony feeling of musk and delicate headiness of white flowers bring a smooth texture that is plush and luxurious.

From the opening zest to the finishing flourish, White Tea & Thyme is a fragrance created to celebrate the comforting and inviting feeling of home. It’s a landmark candle that not only relaxes and soothes, but also allows one to create an atmosphere in their very own castle. In strange and unsettling times there is no greater comfort.

Feeling like it is the right fragrance for you?
For more information about our Landmark candle you can email us at webmarketing@thelandmark.co.uk


Tell me how you feel I will tell you which candle to lit

Candles have extraordinary powers like that, setting the atmosphere in your living room, making you feel relax before a big day or creating a romantic mood just after moving into your new house or flat. They are beautiful to watch, they smell amazing and they bring us peace and comfort when needed. Selecting the right candle can seems easy however it is not, choosing the right fragrance according to your mood or mind set can really make a difference in your day.
We have create a guide for you to select the right Parks Candle depending on how you feel.

When you need an uplift
Cassis Candle brings the joy of summer into your home. Ripe figs and blackcurrants glisten under the sun, ready to burst with delicious sweetness. It brightens any atmosphere with its tough of lemon and hint of orange blossom, all blended together to create a blissful scent of happiness.

When you need to boost your energy
After a long, tiring day working from home, sometimes it’s difficult to have the energy to conquer the rest of your to-do list. Coffee may do the trick, but what about filling your home with energising fragrances?
Mineral and vitamin-filled, citrus fruits bring and sustain life. Filled with zingy and electric scents, even just the fragrance wakes you up! Paired with the exotic blooms of jasmine in our Grapefruit and Jasmine Diffuser, the citrus will re-fresh and revitalise

When you need to find peace and serenity
Things a bit hectic juggling parent-life and work life? If you can’t take some time for yourself, let our soothing scents bring some serenity into your home.
When we want a moment of bliss, we always turn to our signature scent – Parks Original. Relaxing and calming, it’s built around a core of lavender, creating a tranquil and serene environment. With earthly hints of patchouli and the warmth of vanilla, it’ll soothe and bring peace into your home.

When you are in a seductive mood
Sometimes you want to set more of a sultry, seductive mood…
Smoky, intense and rich, enter our Oud Candle! Warm, resinous and smouldering, this candle creates a heady and intoxicating air that bubbles with expectation – making you feel that something dramatic and exciting is just a breath away.

Find out more about the Aromatherapy Parks Candles collection here.

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