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Our Head Pastry Chef explain his method to prepare delicious macaroons at home

The perfect Raspberry Cream Cheese Macaroons

Thursday 04th June 2020


Who is speaking?

Our Head Pastry Chef, Mauro Di Lieto who already shared with us his famous carrot cake recipe for Easter.
His creations are a joy for the mouth and for the eyes at any of our events or restaurants. For him what makes pastry special in a hotel is the unparalleled variety. He says “from plated desserts in restaurants, baked goods for breakfast, to catering for over 1000 guests, wedding cakes, and special meals for dietary requirements and lots more. In luxury hotels no day is the same – there is no comfort zone or repetition or saying no to guests.”
Passion, patience and skills are needed to deliver the perfect luxury dessert experience our guests are looking for. Everyday him and his team are behind sumptuous desserts that are too die for even if we say so ourselves!


“Life is like a box of macaroons, full of colours.”

Did you know?

History says that macaroons would have been introduced by the Italians during Renaissance. The inventor of the macaroons would be the personal Italian chef of Queen Catherine de Medicis, who brought them with her to France once she married Henry II of France in 1533. However, according to French cuisine, the macaroons were created in 1791 in a convent near Cormery. One year later two Carmelite nuns made them famous by selling them in order to pay for their housing. They were then known as the “Macaroons” sisters. Nowadays, several french cities and regions claim that they invented the macaroons and that the first recipe is theirs, but it can only be positive for the gourmands, more variations, more flavours and pastries to try.


“Be a macaron in a cookie cutter world.”

Macarons, or “Macaroons” as we call them here sometimes are good for every occasion. One in the morning for a coffee break, one at the end of a long day because you deserved it, a nice box of macaroons offered by your friends, colleagues or your favourite aunt or even these two macaroons you just bought for a romantic break with your loved one. They are a delicate treat that we definitely enjoy eating at the right moment. The crispy but yet unctuous texture of the macaroons usually satisfy everyone; what is there not to like? You can find them in different varieties, big, small, of every flavour, personalised and they can even fit in to a tiny box to take away.
Enough reading for now, it is time for you to bring your own macaroons to life and start setting up your kitchen to bake the most delicious raspberry cream cheese macaroons.

What do I need to follow the recipe?

  • 400g egg whites
  • 1000g icing sugar
  • 1000g ground almonds
  • 200g of water
  • 970g of sugar
  • bowls
  • scale
  • blender
  • smooth nuzzle
  • piping bags
  • oven tray
  • sift
  • pens
  • electric whisk
  • spatulas


Step by Steps

  1. Prepare the mix of ground almonds and icing sugar. Scale the 2 ingredient together and blend them for 5 seconds maximum not more then sift this mix and leave it aside.
  2. Prepare a syrup with water and sugar, bring it to 180 degrees
  3. Poor the syrup to the first part of the egg whites, already half whipped
  4. Continue to whip the mix until it will arrive to room temperature. In the meantime add the second egg whites to the mix of icing sugar and ground almonds, this will create a sort of cream.
  5. Add the meringue to this mix in 3 times, mixing it very gently with a spatula.
  6. Check that the texture is okay, it has to be fluid but dense. (Check the video to be sure.)
  7. Take a tray from your home oven, turn it upside down, grease it and put the oven paper being careful that to not make any bubbles.
  8. Pipe the macaroons with a smooth nuzzle
  9. Let them rest for 2 hours until the top of your macaroons will be dry then bake them again at 160 degrees Celsius.
  10. Make sure to bake them without the fan and by keeping the oven door half open with a wood spoon. Put your tray at the lower shelf in order to stay far from the resistances
  11. 15-18 min later they should be ready, they are ready when they come away easily by the paper.


How to make the Raspberry cream cheese filling?


  1. Smash the raspberries with a fork and filter it in order to remove the seeds
  2. Mix the raspberries pure to the cream cheese
  3. Whip the cream with the sugar and add it to the previous mix


You should be all set to impress friends and family or to treat yourself with delicious macaroons!


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