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Roses are red, violets are blue and the next florist at your house could be you

Brilliant tips about indoor flowers by Dawn, Director of Accommodations

Friday 03rd April 2020

Who is speaking?

Dawn McCormack is our Director of Accommodations at The Landmark London.
If she had to describe The Landmark London in 3 words it would be family, inspirational and successful.
Dawn used to be a florist in the past, her favourite flowers are tulips and her favorite season is spring.

“Flowers are like friends; they bring colour to your world.”
It is time to bring colour to your home! Spring has already started and we now can see flowers blossoming from our windows, so why not having some in your living room or bedroom to bring some sunshine indoors.


What are the most popular flowers for home?

The best flowers to use at home are roses, sunflowers, geraniums, tulips, pansies and daffodils.
These flowers are also the better-quality looking ones, if you prefer a unique choice you can go for begonia, cherry blossom, or garden of the snow. Artificial flowers are always an option and nowadays you can find some amazing ones.




How to choose the right type of flowers? 


It is important to look at the theme of your room, for example if your room decoration is with bright and bold colours or fabrics then is best to choose light and bright colours for your vase and flowers so they can blend in your atmosphere.
On the other hand, when you room is more neutral then the vase can be light and the flowers bright and bold to stay in this light and soft ambiance.
Do not choose the same colors as the furniture as it will drown the flowers out.


How to keep flowers looking beautiful and healthy?


If you get that feeling you deserve a medal when you keep a plant alive, do not worry, we’ve got your back. For starters, never leave your flowers in a room where there is no natural light, the best solution would be artificial flowers in this case.
Then, if you want your flowers to last a week you can use hydrangea, gladioli, eremurus and calla lilies, they are longer lasting flowers.
Looking at your bouquet are you are not satisfied? When your tulips are looking a bit sad, refresh the water and place a half teaspoon of sugar into it and see what happens! It is amazing, I use this trick all the time in my tulips and it never fails.


Dawn’s final tip

You would be super surprised to see how many household objects make fabulous quirky vases for example tea pots,milk jugs, jam jars, try it and you will love the result and save money too.



Finding our article useful?

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