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How our Easter carrot cake recipe will win your heart

Celebrate a Sweet Easter at home with our Pastry Chef’s indulgent cake


Thursday 8th April 2020


The Landmark London Head Pastry Chef, Mauro di Lieto shares his Easter carrot cake recipe for you to have a sweet Easter weekend!

Who is speaking?

Mauro’s favourite dessert as a child was ice cream and it still is; his family owned an ice cream shop in Italy and he grew up eating dark chocolate and cherry trifle ice creams.
If he had to describe The Landmark London in three words it would be supportive, iconic and challenging.
For Easter, he loves sitting at home with his mum and preparing a “Pastiera Napoletana”, a typical Easter pie from Naples with ricotta, orange blossom, semolina and candied oranges.

Celebrating Easter with our families is something we are always looking forward to and what a better way to celebrate than sharing a meal together. At this time of the year, our pastry team would be delighting guests at The Landmark London with delicious Easter-themed delicacies and a beautiful chocolate display in the Winter Garden. This year they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring a little sweetness to your Easter celebrations.  In this first article, Mauro has opted for a delicious Easter carrot cake recipe and carrot cake counts as vegetables, right?

Carrot cake was born in Medieval Europe, known as carrot pudding, when sugar or chocolate were very difficult to find, sweet vegetables like carrots were used instead as sweeteners in desserts.
During World War II, the British Ministry of Food began to spread the message of the healthy benefits of the carrot, followed by the Ministry of Agriculture that upped the commercial carrot output. The result was an unprecedented surplus of carrots in the UK.
That’s when British citizens began getting creative with carrots, today it is your turn!

Let us introduce you to The Landmark London carrot cake recipe and we promise you will get nothing but praise on your cooking skills this Easter:

See this video for more instructions:

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Happy Easter!