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Alex Kravetz – behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of our design journey by Alex Kravetz


Friday 10th April 2020

Who is speaking?

Alex Kravetz is our partner and is the head behind The Landmark London designs and decor.

Behind the scenes of our corridor lights

Discover the inspirations of our designer to create our new corridor lights, by introducing an authentic design by respecting our clientele needs. All of that of course by creating performing lights.
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When the time came to renovate the Lift Lobbies at the Hotel, we wanted to continue the iconic atrium and its palm trees into the guestroom floors. The most exciting part was designing the bespoke wall lights from scratch to suit the space.
We have taken the palm tree leaves as a basis. The way the lights will work will be to provide a non-directional light instead of the full-on lighting.
The halo effect will work well with the new updated architectural lighting distribution in the space. As a result, we will have a gentle wash on the accent wall behind them, so everything is working together.
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This creative journey started with a sketch which was sent to the lighting manufacturer near Venice in Italy. They have carefully engineered our ideas into a prototype which is now ready to be adjusted before we roll it into production.
Creatively it is very exciting to see your ideas come to light and the added value for the hotel is also that these pieces will be unique to the property – nobody in the world will have the same!