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Create a 5 star luxury bedroom at home

The perfect recipe to create a five star Landmark luxury atmosphere 

Monday 20th April 2020

Who is speaking?

Sandor Varga is our Assistant Director of Accommodations. Follow his expert tips to transform your bedroom and enhance your sleep.

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” William H. McRaven

We are always in a rush in our busy lives, but now is the perfect time to change your habits. During calm and downtime moments, re-thinking our habits and the space we live in can reveal itself to be beneficial and important for our well-being.

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes staying at home appears to be repetitive and seeing the same environment everyday is not always easy. However, there is always room for improvement, you do not need to challenge yourself or change your routine.  What you can do is by following some simple steps  have that luxury feeling while staying at your house.

When you travel, you escape and you live in an elegant and completely different atmosphere, this is why we have decided to share our expert tips for you to bring the 5 star experience of sleeping in a luxurious bed to your home.
This unique experience starts in the bedroom, the most important space for your comfort and peace of mind.


Sleep, dream, success, repeat.


Flawless sleep is the number one element we focus to provide.  At The Landmark London, our priority is to offer our guests the perfect sound sleep during their stay. You do not want to miss your important meeting or even the special time away you have booked months ago with your family, waking up and feeling great is the best way to start a perfect day.
At the hotel, you sleep in our generous queen-size or king-size beds with crisp linen sheets and  trust us, it makes a difference.
Some little details can transform our sleeping experience and give us that extraordinary positive feeling when we enter our bed in the evening or when we get out of bed in the morning.


How to create a Landmark bed?


  • Make sure you have a high quality memory foam mattress with topper.
  • Adopt the triple sheeting technique:
    By layering a duvet between 2 sheets it will give a crisp feel and eliminates the need for a duvet cover.
  • Create what we call a “Hospitality corner”:
    By tucking sheets neatly underneath the mattress using overlapping folds, it is kind of like wrapping a present.
  • Enhance your sleep:
    Use pillow mist before getting into bed to dream better. You can select your favourite fragrance or a stress-free one, lavender and chamomile are well known for their relaxing benefits.
  • Add some flowers:
    The power of fresh cut flowers is real, their smell is healing and comforting in a bedroom. Use seasonal flowers with gentle smell matching the colour palette of the room.
  • Make sure your bedroom is spotless:
    Let your surfaces shine, use a slightly perfumed water based furniture polish. Lightly wipe with a duster, it will bring out the shine and resist the dust. Your bedroom will be clean and shining with a pleasant perfume.


You are now all settled for the night of your dreams, put on your favourite pyjamas and you will be ready to feel like a star in your new 5 star luxury bedroom.