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  • Frequently touched areas are disinfected regularly
  • Regular temperature checks for team members and guests
  • Hand sanitizer widely available around the hotel
  • Touchless interactions and transactions

Best Room Rate Guarantee – Terms and Conditions

Booking directly ensures you reserve the lowest possible rate available with no booking fees attached and priority consideration for room requests. Our dedicated team will assist you step by step in tailoring the reservation to your needs.

The following do not qualify:

  • Spa and Dining rates (Best Rate Guarantee only applies to room rates)
  • Opaque or auction sites where the specific hotel is not disclosed until the booking is finalized
  • Group rates (5 rooms and above)
  • Corporate rates
  • Wholesale rates
  • Affinity/ Association rates
  • Travel Agent rates
  • Rates that are part of a package
  • Any rates requiring membership in a programme or other organisation where the rates are available only for a specific group of individuals and are not intended for the general public
  • Advance purchase / prepaid rates
  • Rooms and rates on the other website must be bookable at the time of verification.
  • The lower rate must be in the same currency, for the same dates and room type, and offer the same rate conditions of the rate booked on our website
  • Rate conditions include, but are not limited to, advance purchase requirements, prepayments, deposit requirements, cancellation and any restrictions or change policies
  • In the event of a multiple night stay, the total cost of the stay on The Landmark London website will be compared with the total cost of the stay displayed on the competitor website
  • Only one Best Rate Guarantee reward can apply per stay
  • The Landmark London reserves the right to deny a claim where the rate displayed on the competing website has a more restrictive rate condition than The Landmark London rate on our website.
  • The Landmark London reserves the right to deny a claim if it cannot independently verify the availability of the competitor rate at the time it processes the claim.
  • The Landmark London reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue the Best Rate Guarantee at any time in its sole discretion and without prior notice.
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