Spa Packages

Take time out from your schedule to enjoy luxurious day of pampering.

Our day spa packages include unlimited use of our luxurious Spa facilities including a 15 metre chlorine free swimming pool, jacuzzi, sanarium and a rose infused steam room. Why not try one of our full day packages with lunch included in our amazing Great Central Bar & Restaurant, how much you can fit into your day is entirely up to you.

Plus, why not treat a loved-one and purchase one of our packages as a gift voucher.

Soothe Me Half Day Spa Package

An indulgent package to soothe and balance as well as nurture the mind, body and soul. After your unique consultation with your therapist, your treatment will begin with warm pinda compressions across the whole of the body. A deeply relaxing spiced pinda massage follows, giving you an unforgettable treatment experience. The steamed pindas are dipped within warm oil allowing the exquisite aromas to be released and the heat to be absorbed into the muscles. The package then concludes with your prescriptive spa facial therapy designed to meet the needs of your skin concerns.

Treatment Time : 2 hours 20 minutes
Price: £235 per person

Awaken Me Half Day Spa Package

A package designed to recharge your energies, but in the most relaxing of ways! Commence with a body polish rich in marine salts to energise and smooth the skin before enjoying an algae and sea water wrap. This will encourage your skin to detoxify and re-mineralise. Complementing the wrap is an energising massage using an oil rich in mandarin, nutmeg, lime and Italian lemon. Your package continues with our prescriptive facial designed to address the needs of your skin as well as our incredible Kobido lifting facial massage.

Treatment Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Price: £235 per person

Delight Me

Begin your day with a luxurious milk and chocolate foot ritual before enjoying a powerful envelopment rich in vitamin C. Your body is polished, smoothing the contours before a wrap is applied stimulating collagen production, improving firmness and suppleness. Once the wrap is removed, you can enjoy a deeply relaxing massage using our highly acclaimed hot and cold Obsidian stones that will provide the most extraordinary sensation of deep relaxation. Following your scrumptious lunch your journey continues with our powerful glycolic facial peel which is gentle on the skin but works at the deepest level. Then be pampered with our highly regenerating Timexpert Vitamin C+ Facial therapy which promises immediate result to the skin. As part of this therapy we will also include the luxurious Kobido Lifting Facial massage once reserved only for royalty.

Treatment Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Price: £350 per person

Enrich Me

Enter a complete state of wellbeing and bliss as our therapist prepares you with a luxury foot soak before you revel in our warm stone pinda massage across the body. You will then experience a series of specialised stretches using our silk foulard to gently ease out tensions from the neck, back and shoulders. Following this, enjoy the most exquisite gentle exfoliating massage rich in extracts of Rhodocrosite, Malachite and Diamond. This produces a luxurious smoothing exfoliating mousse to soften and energise the body. Following a delicious lunch, your package will continue with our extraordinary Define Lift facial therapy – working on complete rejuvenation of the skin, providing a lifting effect whilst deeply hydrating the skin, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and leaving the skin firmer. Finally, before you leave you will receive our energising leg treatment helping to revive tired legs and leaving you with a spring in your step!

Treatment Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Price: £350 per person