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19 February

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The Landmark London Tree of Wishes

Xmas tree

 This festive season, The Landmark London continues its support of the Church Street Ward in Marylebone with its gift donation initiative, the Tree of Wishes. Launching on Monday 5th December beneath the hotel’s soaring glass atrium, this special Christmas tree will have 100 ‘wishes’ tied to its boughs - each a gift to one of the charities within the Ward and ranging in price from £10 up to £1,000.

Due to economic pressures, the Church Street Ward charities have found their funding reduced – with the Tree of Wishes, The Landmark London want to ensure these vital organisations are able to continue  to provide their exceptional support to the area and its community. The hotel requested 20 wishes from each charity for things that will aid them in their work; the result is a list of 100 wishes that The Landmark London hopes will be fulfilled through the generosity of its guests and staff throughout the festive season.

The wishes are gifts that will make a real difference to the Church Street Ward charities’ work, such as: providing funds for equipment for children with disabilities, shopping trolleys for elderly residents, a child’s attendance on a course to overcome stammering, money towards college courses or training and child care costs for working single parents, seeds to plant in the children’s centre garden, and theatre tickets for young people who have not had the opportunity to go to the theatre before.

Those who would like to give one of these gifts from the Tree of Wishes choose from the list – all are numbered on a scroll that will be next to the tree – and visit the Front Desk to make their donation. Although the Tree of Wishes will be up from 5th December, the list of 100 wishes is available now.

About the Church Street Ward and The Landmark London’s Charitable Partnership

Marylebone’s Church Street Ward in The Landmark London’s neighbourhood is an area that is fourth highest in the whole of the UK for social deprivation, including overcrowding, child poverty and social housing.

Since January this year the hotel’s guests have been generously donating £1 per stay – an optional contribution added to their bill on check-out – which has been put to good use in the community; allowing youth projects to run over school holidays, supporting mentoring and apprenticeship schemes, helping fund a children’s weekend to Cornwall, supporting the SleepSmart women’s refuge project, and allowing the opening of the Pet Society for the elderly and alone.

The Landmark London’s staff have also donated their time and skills to the various projects in the area such as providing English lessons to Job Centre applicants, social craft sessions, hanging flower baskets throughout the Ward, and local area clean ups.

Church Street Ward Charities

-  The Rotary Club of St Marylebone - supporting charitable work and raising funds from individuals and corporations to support the community of the Church Street Ward

-  The Portman Early Childhood Centre - for children ages 0-5. Provides a haven for children and families; 80% of the Ward’s residents live in social housing and there is much overcrowding. Many of these families have come from war-torn regions

- JobCentre Plus – supports people of working age from welfare into work

- Kidz Charity – a home learning charity for severely disabled children aged 0-12 years

-  Fourth Feathers and Community Club – delivering a wide variety of youth work programmes for teenagers and young adults, engaging them through informal education, cultural and sporting activitie

-  Core Trust – holistic alcohol and drug addiction treatment services

- Core Kids – specialist children and families service offering interventions for those impacted by drug and alcohol abuse

- Stitches in Time – helping women develop their confidence and spoken English in a social environment whilst also acquiring new skills in textiles with the aim of progressions towards further training and employment

- Vital Regeneration – delivering community regeneration services in London’s most disadvantaged areas including the Church Street Ward, promoting economic development through learning, job brokerage, social enterprise and environmental campaigns

- Circle Sports – provides comprehensive training and opportunities for employment in sports and retail, together with activities for young people in the local area

- The Pet Society – social enterprise and shop selling pet food and accessories promoting responsible pet ownership and provides income to continue local regeneration activities for the community

- Almhouses – residential flats for elderly people

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