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23 January

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The Landmark Spa & Health Club

Personal Training


Personal Training at the Landmark Spa & Health Club

Whether you are aiming to climb Kilimanjaro or want to drop a dress size for your wedding, our qualified Personal Trainers can offer you assessments, effective workouts and encouragement to achieve your goals.   We educate you on why certain exercises will work for you and help you increase your energy and fitness levels. We ensure that your training is constructive and results driven.

Please see below the full price list for our Personal Training sessions:


30 minutes Personal Training sessions

Members and hotel guests         Non-members and non-resident guests

1 session              £25                   1 session              £35

5 sessions            £110                 5 sessions            £125

10 sessions         £250                  10 sessions        £350

*Purchase 10 sessions and get 2 additional sessions for free


60 minutes Personal Training sessions

Members and hotel guests         Non-members and non-resident guests

1 session              £50                   1 session              £65

5 sessions            £220                 5 sessions           £230

10 sessions         £500                 10 sessions         £650

*Purchase 10 sessions and get 2 additional sessions for free


To book, please call +44 (0)20 7631 8010 or email


Our Personal Training sessions address a wide range of goals, such as:

Weight Management
Our Personal Trainers look at your overall health and fitness and offer you a personalised fitness assessment for your specific goals. Your first training programme will be between four to six weeks.  We look at your current diet, any complaints you may have, your energy levels and your lifestyle. We advise that you train between two to three times a week and provide you with a recommended diet plan to suit your goals.  We will frequently monitor your progress and will always be on hand to motivate and support you.

Sports Specific
Our Personal Trainers are able to devise professional sports specific exercises that will raise your strength and endurance as well as decrease your chances of succumbing to a sports injury. We can help you improve your strength, agility, speed and technique by providing you with a training plan geared exactly to your specific sport. 

Core Stability
Quality core strengthening sessions offer many benefits to you such as better posture, enhanced efficiency, increased stability and improved balance.   We concentrate on using equipment such as the Bosu, Swiss ball and the foam roller.  Whether you are an elite athlete or you have a job where you are sitting or standing all day, lifting or moving objects, it is important that these muscles are conditioned and strong enough to help support your lower back. Our Personal Trainers will devise a personalised programme to suit your exact needs.

Pre / Post Natal Training
One of the most important events in most women’s lives is becoming a mother. Every pregnancy is unique and preparation is important. We are here to help you maintain your fitness through a healthy pregnancy and give you the confidence to exercise safely in preparation for your new arrival.  During your pregnancy we can help you feel energetic, calm, and vibrant. Our tailor made personal training exercise programme will help you enjoy motherhood and get you back into shape after the birth of your baby.

Additional Workouts
We also offer boxing sessions, running either in a group with our Running Club or with your Personal Trainer and 5K-circuit training at Regents Park.


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