How to entertain the little ones at home

7 fun activities to do with your young children

Wednesday 03rd June 2020


Who is speaking?

Michael Blin is our Director of Sales at The Landmark London. Michael is passionate about luxury hospitality and give the best of himself everyday. He has been working for the hotel since 13 years. In the evening, he comes home to his husband and two little kids, his 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. It is not always easy to combine work life balance and family life and during these last few weeks he has been so creative on how to entertain his children at home.

Little ones are so clever, dynamic and they need to be busy and active all day long! It can be difficult while the nursery is closed or while you are working from home to find the best ways to keep them happy and occupied with educational and fun activities.

Organising the kids toys

I find it very useful to have their toys in special shelving units where they can see and have easy access to all their favourite toys, organised in different boxes.

Tupperware boxes are also perfect for keeping small toys as they come in all different sizes and are not expensive to buy.

For toddlers, sort out their books in a way so that they can be easily reached. Ask your toddler to choose books and spend time reading to them each day so they start understanding the Alphabet.

It’s also a good time to teach your toddlers to fix their toys and tidy after themselves (something I am still working on but getting there!)

A relaxing family walk

To do when and where possible, take a family walk in your local park or green area. It really helps the body and mind to be outside getting fresh air and having a change of scenery. Of course please do so whilst following the government guidelines and keeping social distance from any other people.


Cooking & Baking

Get your toddler to help with any family meals, it makes them feel involved and its also a good way to introduce them to different fruits and vegetables and healthy nutrition. Baking Cakes and cookies are of course always a winner so get your little ones helping. Make sure to always keep an eye of them especially when doing anything with a hot pan or oven, health and safety first!

Chalk Drawing

One of the best things to do with a toddler for hours of fun! Buy some chalk for kids and let their imagination run wild! The sidewalk is their canvas and it all goes away when it rains so no cleaning up to do, the perfect activity.


Purchase a scooter or tricycle if you can so your toddler can get those legs moving and exercise on bright sunny days. These are a great investment for the future and will be used many times for years to come.


Painting, Arts & Crafts

Another wining activity toddlers love. Make sure to buy water-based paint which is easy to clean up after.

Educational and Fun TV Programs

Finally, I would be lying if I didn’t grant some TV time to my kids each day. With all the channels and streaming platforms available, there is a lot of content to choose. I personally stick to BBC iPlayer with some great selection for babies and toddlers and the infamous Disney+ which also have some fun educational shows.