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5 July

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The Benefits of a Spa Day

Some people see attending a spa as something of a treat or luxury, but in fact there are many health benefits also associated with spas, and health spa hotels in particular. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Relieve Stress

Modern lives can be hectic and stressful and a trip to a spa is a great way to relieve yourself of built-up stress and tension. Whether you just want to have a long, hot soak in the hot tub, sweat it all out in the steam room or have it worked away by a professional masseuse, there are plenty of different ways to help you de-stress.

Here at the Landmark London, one of the best 5-star hotels London has to offer, we also have an exclusive relaxation room where you can sit back and relax in utter comfort. Aromatherapy oils combine with soothing music and mood lighting to create the ultimate relaxation experience, allowing you to fully absorb the healing energy of any treatments you have enjoyed.

Improve Your Lifestyle with a Massage

Having a therapeutic massage is a great way to find out if you are causing your body problems through certain postures or actions. Your masseuse will be able to tell you if you have certain areas which are too tense, plus you can learn how to relax those areas and improve your overall wellbeing and lifestyle.

Our choice of massages include the customised Seaweed Oil Massage, which helps to promote quality of sleep as well as easing tension and stress, the Herbal Bag Massage, which helps to rejuvenate your skin and increase your body’s metabolism, and the Voyager Total Massage Journey. This massage stretches and massages your muscles from head to toe, and will help to condition your body.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Yes, that’s right – our London spa can help to improve your mental as well as your physical wellbeing. Through stress and tension relief, your mind can feel more at ease. What’s more, stimulating treatments such as passing from hot steam rooms to ice showers can help with circulation, thereby also stimulating the brain.

Most clients leave a spa day feeling and looking good, which is a big boost to confidence and self-esteem. A massage can help to sort out poor posture, which also helps you have renewed self-confidence, and even manicures and pedicures have been shown to have psychological benefits too.

Lose Weight

A spa doesn’t have to be just about lying around and relaxing! As with many other spas, ours boasts a fully-equipped gymnasium and swimming pool. Although unlike most other spas, our 15-metre swimming pool is chlorine-free, so you won’t be ruining your serene experience with the smell of chemicals or the worry of unpleasant side effects. Exercise combined with treatments such as using the steam room, or sanarium if you want a less intense experience, can be a pleasant but effective way of losing weight.

Rid Yourself of Toxins

Throughout an average day, we come into contact with many toxins, from pollution to skincare products. As one of only 17 spas in Europe to offer VOYA treatments, you can purge yourself of these toxins through a purifying facial.

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Spa Me Rotten... Luxury Spa Break

Check into one of our spacious guest rooms and enjoy a one-hour spa treatment by one of our highly skilled Spa Therapists, plus access to the Spa for the day.

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Family Escape Break in London

Treat the family to a special time together. The Landmark London Hotel offers luxurious and spacious family rooms that are elegantly furnished. Our unique location is near to Regents Park and London Zoo.

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Friends of The Landmark London

Join Friends of The Landmark London and enjoy a choice of a complimentary room upgrade, free wifi and free spa access when you book directly with us

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Suite Offer

From sweeping expansive space to the exclusive amenities including a 42 inch flat screen TV, iHome systems and marble bathrooms, an overnight stay in a suite at The Landmark London is a statement of luxury.

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