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21 December

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Making the Most of Summer in London

London is now the world’s most popular tourist destination, with 2013 seeing the highest number of visitors on record, putting it ahead of the likes of Paris and New York as THE place to go. It is no surprise really, especially after a summer of great weather and the numerous sporting triumphs that have put the capital in the spotlight over the past two years.

Yet, whilst tourists are flocking to the country in their droves, many Brits have not spent nearly enough time in their own capital, with many having never even visited some of the most important landmarks our country has to offer. Now, with another warm summer predicted, it may be the ideal time for those looking for the perfect weekend break to visit London. So let’s take a look at some of the best ways to enjoy London life this summer.

Take a Walk

One of the best ways to enjoy London this summer is to leave the tube behind and take to the streets. Whether you want to wander aimlessly or simply wish to enjoy the sights as you go from A to B, choosing to walk it instead of tubing it will not only save you money but it will also help you to see London’s lesser seen wonders. There are many great things to see in London that are often missed simply due to individuals taking the Underground from one landmark to the next, and choosing to walk will allow you to see London in all its glory.

There are also plenty of scenic walks to be enjoyed and numerous lookouts which will afford you stunning views of the city as a whole. Tracking down locations such as One Tree Hill in Greenwich park will not only offer peace and tranquillity but also afford you views of London that few people get to see.

Get Entertained

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun in London, and whether you are on a smaller budget or just want to experience something a little different, there will be plenty of summer-long entertainment programs providing free or low-cost entertainment to visitors. There are also plenty of quirky monthly events happening all across London such as the Natural History Museum’s program of sleepovers that allows individuals to make camp beside dinosaurs and enjoy a night-long horror film fest amongst other wonderful treats.

Get on Your Bike

Or Boris’s bikes to be more precise. If you don’t fancy the walk, the plethora of bike rental stands will allow you to see even more of London and to get fit in the process. Such an approach will help you find even more of the hidden gems that the locals jealously guard and will ensure that you experience the real London and opposed to the one you will find inside a guide book.

See the Sights

Even if you have seen them before, seeing London’s many castles, gardens and parks will be even more rewarding on a hot sunny day, and taking the time to revisit old wonders may indeed help improve any London break. From Kew Gardens to London Zoo, there are also plenty of places that are as edifying to the mind as they are easy on the eye, and taking a leisurely stroll around such locations can round off any trip perfectly.

Here at The Landmark London, we offer unrivalled luxury and the perfect starting point for any London adventure. We are also always on hand to help you find the best hidden locations and the most stunning sights around, so be sure to ask our excellent staff for their own tips on how best to enjoy the summer sun in the capital.

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