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3 July

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Make Sunday Brunch a Landmark Occasion!

In New York, there are those for whom brunch is almost a religion – a weekly ritual around which every weekend is planned. Now this late morning meal is growing in popularity on this side of the Atlantic as well, and it’s not hard to see the appeal.

Because brunch is eaten at a fairly early point in the day, it’s quite a low-key kind of social engagement, with none of the formality of a dinner party. Afterwards, there are still plenty of hours left in which to enjoy your day, and, while some hotels may have a dress code, you won’t have to dress up ridiculously smartly.

And with the very flexible hours when brunch can be served, and its combination of sweet and savoury offerings, make it all the more irresistible.

Interesting brunch facts

  • Bruch is technically partly against the law in its spiritual home, New York – at least on Sundays before 10am, traditionally to allow people to make their way to church unhindered.
  • The term brunch is widely thought to have been first used in 1895 to describe a Sunday meal for “Saturday night carousers”. Writer Guy Beringer said the meal “Sweeps away the worries of the week and puts you in a good temper with your fellow beings.”
  • But there are other theories too – for example that brunching stems from the Catholic church, since fasting is required before mass on Sundays, so there was a tradition of eating large meals together after church.
  • In New York in particular, Sunday brunch staples include eggs benedict and mimosas, or champagne cocktails.

Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London

Whatever the occasion, brunching on Sundays is something of a tradition at The Landmark London, and extremely popular, so you need to book early. We serve it between 1230 and 3pm, with a sumptuous brunch buffet complete with unlimited free champagne.

And the setting for our champagne brunch could not be more elegant. We’re based directly opposite Marylebone station, so we’re very central and easily found.

The central area has a unique eight storey glass roof atrium, while The Landmark London, built in 1899 as one of the city’s last great railway hotels, is a Grade II listed building with original stained glass windows and other features.

The lavish menu includes homemade pastries, continental charcuterie, smoked salmon and a great choice of salads, while there are also more substantial dishes from rib eye beef to seared sea bass. Complete the feast with one of our indulgent puddings, and enjoy the fantastic live entertainment as you eat, drink and catch up with family and friends.

In fact, it’s fair to say that you won’t find a brunch quite like the one that’s served at The Landmark London, one of the most elegant luxury hotels London has to offer. While you’re here, check out our spa for a return visit, or think about coming back to stay in one of our 300 bedrooms, among the most spacious to be found in the capital.

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Capital Weekend

Experience London without breaking the bank: book an overnight stay at The Landmark London and enjoy traditional English breakfast and a bottle of Champagne.

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Friends of The Landmark London

Join Friends of The Landmark London and enjoy a choice of a complimentary room upgrade, free wifi and free spa access when you book directly with us

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Suite Offer

From sweeping expansive space to the exclusive amenities including a 42 inch flat screen TV, iHome systems and marble bathrooms, an overnight stay in a suite at The Landmark London is a statement of luxury.

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Spa Me Rotten... Luxury Spa Break

Check into one of our spacious guest rooms and enjoy a one-hour spa treatment by one of our highly skilled Spa Therapists, plus access to the Spa for the day.

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