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4 July

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Luxury From The Pool To The Gym

Of all the 5 star hotels London has to offer, at The Landmark London we feel we have the facilities that truly meet the 5 star grade. Aside from amazing architecture, attentive staff and some of the most spacious rooms in the capital, we have also turned our hands to health through some of the best relaxation and exercise facilities you will find anywhere in the country. Staying at a hotel is not all about the food and drink, it is about the experience and part of that should come from the exercise and relaxation facilities. We have one of the best chlorine free swimming pools, measuring at a length of 15 metres with gentle staircase into the water with handrails for extra stability. There are also restricted children’s hours so adults can relax in peace without the loudness and play of kids. Because such a pool is a rare thing in the heart of London, we pride ourselves on offering you the best experience to go with one of the best hotels. Just book ahead and we will have your towels, robes and lockers ready for when you come down to us, ideally 30 minutes before the appointment time. You can then go straight to the pool or take a dip in the 34 degree Jacuzzi with its powerful, tension-destroying jets. The pool area is the perfect place to come if you have been in meetings all day without time for your own thought.

Of course, with award winning food and drink on offer, you could feel a little guilty for overindulging. If this is the case, then we have a state of the art gymnasium in which you can burn off those extra calories. Star-Trac are well known to gym enthusiasts everywhere as manufacturing some of the best equipment in the industry, so if you’re looking for a tough cardiovascular or resistance workout, we have the best in stock. From rowing machines to abdominators, you will find everything you need to feel the burn while enjoying the audiovisual entertainment on selected machines. Unlike many gyms we also provide ample space for stretching, which can allow you to get in that vital warm-up before hitting the machines. As our resident Personal Trainers will tell you, warming up before doing meaningful exercise is one of the best ways to avoid injury.

We also have a dedicated weights section so you can gradually progress through the different stages at your own pace. It is always important to select a weight suited to you and your particular exercise, since this is not a gym of competition but one of achieving physical goals the right way. As with every gym Marylebone has to offer, your fitness and wellbeing is our number one concern, so if you have any questions just ask our Personal Trainers. They will happily instruct you how to use any piece of equipment effectively, or even show you some new techniques which can have a real impact on your body.

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Friends of The Landmark London

Join Friends of The Landmark London and enjoy a choice of a complimentary room upgrade, free wifi and free spa access when you book directly with us

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Capital Weekend

Experience London without breaking the bank: book an overnight stay at The Landmark London and enjoy traditional English breakfast and a bottle of Champagne.

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Suite Offer

From sweeping expansive space to the exclusive amenities including a 42 inch flat screen TV, iHome systems and marble bathrooms, an overnight stay in a suite at The Landmark London is a statement of luxury.

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Spa Me Rotten... Luxury Spa Break

Check into one of our spacious guest rooms and enjoy a one-hour spa treatment by one of our highly skilled Spa Therapists, plus access to the Spa for the day.

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