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5 July

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Five Surprising Benefits of a Luxurious and Indulgent Spa Day

There is no doubting that a day spent relaxing in a spa is going to be enjoyable, allowing one to be totally pampered and feel like royalty, with every worry disappearing by the time the day is done. Yet, for those who have never indulged themselves with such a wonderful treat, the full benefits of a spa day might not be fully realised.

Whilst the advantages of such an experience are too many and varied to mention in full, below we take a look at five of the best reasons to treat yourself to a luxurious spa day in London.

1. Detoxification

Yes, you will come out feeling and looking more healthy and radiant, but few people consider the fact that their bodies actually WILL be healthier after a long and relaxing spa day. Not only will certain treatments help improve your blood circulation and boost endorphin levels, but many will also purge both toxins and excess fluids from your body, with the latter also helping to reduce bloating.

2. Better Sleep

Being relaxed may seem to be a frivolous goal, but simply being able to de-stress can bring many important benefits. Not only will reducing stress levels help individuals manage blood pressure and reduce the chances of serious health problems occurring, but leaving a spa totally fulfilled and completely relaxed will also help them sleep better too. Better quality of sleep has been linked to increased mental focus, reduced irritability and better overall health, so the outcome of such a fulfilling day will ensure the experience is one that just keeps giving.

3. Reduce Those Aches and Pains

Massage and hydrotherapy treatments won’t just work your body down into a relaxed state of bliss - they will also help soothe any niggling aches and pains. In some cases, the right massage may even help you resolve physical issues that have been causing problems for weeks or months and in turn you will be treating your body as much as your mind.

4. Quality Time

A spa can give you quality time to relax on your own or with friends. Simply allowing yourself the chance to forget about the outside world and get some ‘me time’ may be enough to give you a significant mental boost, leaving you refreshed and revived. However, when sharing the experience with friends or loved ones, the benefits are even greater, as it allows you to bond even more with those you care about, catch up with old friends or celebrate special occasions in the style they deserve.

5. Lose Weight

Whilst weight loss may only be noticeable if you head to a spa on a regular basis, even a single trip to a spa is likely to help you shed a few pounds. Whether you choose to sweat it out in saunas and steam rooms or choose to exercise without even noticing by going for a long and lazy swim, it is rare to find something so enjoyable that allows you to leave lighter than when you arrived.

A spa day offers the perfect way to unwind and at The Landmark London, as one of London’s finest luxury hotels, we offer the perfect surroundings and facilities to ensure you reap these many benefits in style, allowing you access to five-star accommodation should you wish to make a weekend of it or simply offering you the chance to enjoy a delightful champagne brunch if you just wish to make even more of your lavish day.

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