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5 July

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Enjoy London With The Most Indulgent Luxury Hotel Suites

London is one of the most popular and visited cities in the entire world. With over a billion tourists estimated to have visited the capital over the next year, the city is clearly enjoying its time in the spotlight. Famed for its culture, architecture, history and quintessentially English charm, London has something for everyone. As the seminal author Samuel Johnson once wrote, 'when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life', one of the finest and accurate endorsements any city could ask for. However, London does not just pride itself on its main attractions. With luxury hotel suites available it will be difficult to drag yourself out of your room and into the city itself.

History Of Splendour

Luxury and London hotels go hand in hand. As the city has been the centre of innovations both technologically and socially for hundreds of years, it has developed and cultivated its own particular style of splendour.

During an age when trains were the main form of transport before the rise of the motor car, great railway houses were erected in the city of London. Built in a Gothic Revival style to reflect the opulence and wealth of the Victorian age, these great houses were designed to surpass contemporary establishments when it came to luxury. These buildings were so carefully crafted that they still stand up today as a bench mark of sophistication and relaxation. The interiors have undergone redecoration throughout to ensure that they are up to date in terms of technology, but the design and architecture still retains that timeless sense of glory and magnificence. Luxury hotels in London may be many in number, but it is those that bring together history, sophistication, glamour and luxury which stand above the rest.

Health Spas

Luxury London hotels do not just work as a place to sleep. With offers that include luxury health spas, your stay will be rejuvenating as well as relaxing.

As if a luxurious, spacious guest room was not enough to make you feel at ease, an Aromatherapy Massage will take you to a new plateau of bliss. After a one hour massage with a highly skilled Spa Therapist, why not take advantage of a 15 metre swimming pool. Once you have completed a few lengths, round the session off with a visit to the steam room, the sanarium, or if you have any energy left, the state of the art gymnasium. A traditional English breakfast is also available, but it is up to you whether or not you want to work up an appetite, or set yourself up for a day of rest and pleasure.

Although one of the busiest cities in the world, a centre of trade and commerce, London does not have to be stressful. Behind the hustle and bustle of city life there lies the pinnacle of luxurious facilities. So whether or not you want a holiday or a weekend break, London has the best hotels to choose from.

Special Offers

Suite Offer

From sweeping expansive space to the exclusive amenities including a 42 inch flat screen TV, iHome systems and marble bathrooms, an overnight stay in a suite at The Landmark London is a statement of luxury.

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Spa Me Rotten... Luxury Spa Break

Check into one of our spacious guest rooms and enjoy a one-hour spa treatment by one of our highly skilled Spa Therapists, plus access to the Spa for the day.

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Friends of The Landmark London

Join Friends of The Landmark London and enjoy a choice of a complimentary room upgrade, free wifi and free spa access when you book directly with us

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Capital Weekend

Experience London without breaking the bank: book an overnight stay at The Landmark London and enjoy traditional English breakfast and a bottle of Champagne.

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