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23 November

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Book Ahead For A Spa Day

A spa day is all about the experience, and while it may focus on the body, the ultimate sensory experience is what you perceive and take away from it. As a top class London hotel we have dedicated ourselves to providing you a 5 star spa experience that ticks all of the boxes, from the staples of spa treatment to the minute details in the decor. We have created an environment that is so welcoming and tranquil, you will leave expecting to see a placid lake surrounded by woodland outside.

Our opening hours are from 6:30am (7am at weekend) till 10pm (9pm at weekend). This should provide you with plenty of time to get in a spa session either before or after work or a day sightseeing. The pool and jacuzzi will be open to you, or you can head straight to the treatment rooms. Each treatment room is designed to hold one person to encourage a more relaxing experience without interruption. If you are with somebody else, you can both have a treatment at the same time, though you will be in separate rooms.

Before you come down to meet us it is probably a good idea to have some water to drink, though there is a Spa menu serving food and drink, but no alcohol. The heat treatments can be dehydrating, so having water beforehand is a good idea. When we meet we will provide you with a robe, towels and a locker in which to store your belongings. Our friendly staff will tell you of the process and what you will need to do if this is your first time. Booking ahead is essential, particularly if you have a group of more than 5 people. The treatments should last more than 1 hour each.

We generally recommend that you go for the heat treatment before enjoying one of the spa treatments. Having a massage after the heat will have maximum effect on those warm muscles and will allow you to relax and enjoy the experience all the more. Our therapists will be there to guide you through the process and ensure that you are sure of what is happening next so you can truly let your mind go. Providing a trusting atmosphere is part of the experience, because without this, you may be thinking about us rather than yourself! As a spa hotel in London that really considers your experience, we will give you complete privacy when you are disrobing and you can keep your underwear on. During the massage, the only parts of your body to be exposed will be the areas that are being massaged. At all other times you will be covered, which can further allow you to concentrate on the experience.

Like any top spa hotel in London, we will want to know about any underlying health conditions before you undergo any treatment. This will allow us to ensure that you are completely safe throughout your time with us.

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