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23 July

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The Landmark London Hotel

Environmental Policy


The Landmark London Environmental Policy

At The Landmark London we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and we are committed to integrating environmental practices and sustainability practices into our daily business operations.

This is our promise to you:

  • Through our Landmark London Green team, we will actively identify and implement green policies throughout the hotel
  • We aim to purchase all our products from ethically sourced produce.
  • We regularly monitor our utilities consumption levels and we strive to reduce it at every opportunity without compromising on your comfort.
  • We are building relationships with our suppliers to reduce their packaging and transport to our hotel.
  • We actively implement recycling programmes throughout the hotel.

Not only did we achieve zero to landfill in 2011, at the same time we were successful in reducing our daily general waste output. In 2012, we have been able to reduce our daily general waste from 12 loads to just four. The eight daily general waste output was converted into recyclable waste. All this was achieved within one year of setting our target.

We have placed motion detectors for lights and dimmers in most part of our public area. Additionally, we started implementing an initiative to replace all the lights in our bedrooms with energy saving lights instead. We are also ensuring our procurement process is environmentally friendly. We managed to convince our suppliers to reduce their packaging when they deliver their goods and also support local British producers.

More information about Our Environmental Promise

Over the last two years we have gained awards and eco-labels that highlights our commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • We are a member of the Considerate Hoteliers Association, which comprises of like-minded hoteliers who are keen to adopt environmentally friendly and socially responsible policies and practices.
  • We have been award the gold accolade, the highest award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). The GTBS is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK. Businesses opting to join Green Tourism are assessed by a qualified grading advisor against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more.

 C:akepathGTBS-england-gold.gif                    Green-team-of-the-year-2012



We understand that whilst creating opportunities to generate greater value for our shareholders, it is vital to foster sustainable development and make a positive difference in the communities in which we live and work.

As part of our pledge to social responsibility, we have chosen to work with our closest deserving neighbour – Church Street Ward. The Church Street Ward is amongst the most deprived areas in the country. Families experience significant levels of poverty, poor housing, high unemployment, low education and high levels of social exclusion.  For the last two years The Landmark London and our guests have been supporting the Church Street Ward in Marylebone.  Our guests have been donating £1.00 per stay to the Ward.  Within two years we had already raised over £23,000. The money raised has contributed to help support charities, schools, nurseries, clubs for the old and young, a therapeutic community for drug and alcohol misuse, environmental and volunteering projects. English lessons are supplied by The Landmark London to job centre applicants, as well as apprenticeships, mentoring schemes and local area clean ups. We also support the women's refuge project through SleepSmart.



How the team is selected?
All members of the green team are involved on a voluntary basis. They got together to create this team because they are passionate about the environment. They share a common goal in wanting to make The Landmark London a greener work place and to promote this awareness to their colleagues. They strongly believe through their actions as a team they are able to influence their other colleagues to participate and convince them to also be a member of the green team.  The team meet on a monthly basis.

What makes it successful?
The success is due to the breadth and depth of the team, who represent the whole of the hotel and the commitment of each of the team members. They are consistent in their communication and they are passionate about what they do. Each member also feels empowered and has the ability to make an impact. For instance, one of our team members, Margaret felt that it was vital that all employees were made aware of the consequences of the climate change we are facing and how as individuals we can play our part to reduce the impact of the climate change. Hence, she organised a week-long event at the hotel to educate staff through interactive activities and competitions. Her efforts were supported not only by the green team but by all members of staff from senior management right through to the front line staff.   

With the advent of the “Staff Green Zone” at the Staff entrance, and clearly defined “General Trash”, “Recycled Waste” and “Food Waste” areas, the staff has a much greater insight into the Purpose, Direction, and Commitment of the Green Team. 


-  Spa and Health Club -

“Our Team view the Green Team as a very significant unit in our Hotel. Without their efforts, our commitment to the environment would not be successful…”

- Human Resources -

“The Green Team has made such a big impact since they have been together. All initiatives have been carried out in a very organised manner and what is more important is that they have made sure that the hotel’s green and social initiatives are communicated. They give a very high value to our company.”

- Francis Green -

“I believe staff have gained a great respect for the Green team, who by their consistent and determined actions have mobilised us all to think and act green. It was a great initiative when they created the Green wall at the staff entrance , everyone suddenly became aware that something significant was happening , then came the re cycling challenge and we all saw the Green Team around checking , training and encouraging everyone to re cycle using the correct disposal bins. The Green team went for GOLD and got it with the Green Tourism Award”



The Rotary Club of St Marylebone - Community
A local organisation that supports charitable work and raises funds from corporations or individuals to support the community of Church Street Ward. Members of the Rotary Club work with each of the projects and organisations in the Ward offering professional assistance and support throughout the year. 

The Portman Early Childhood Centre - Children 0-5
This centre forms a vital part of the fabric of the community in creating a haven for the children and families to come during the day.  Many of the Children do not speak English and have come from war torn regions.

JobCentre Plus - Adults
Supports people of working age from welfare into work and helps employers to fill their vacancies. It is part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and plays a major role in supporting the Department’s aim to promote opportunity and independence for all through modern, customer-focused services.

Kidz Charity - Children 0-12
A home learning charity for severely disabled children.

Fourth Feathers and Community Club - Teenagers & Young Adults
Delivers a wide variety of youth work programmes six days a week throughout the year. The main objectives of the programmes are to provide opportunities for children and young people to develop in a positive way that engages them through informal education, sporting, cultural and recreational activities.

Core Trust - Alcohol & Drug Addiction
The Core Trust’s holistic alcohol and drug addiction treatment services blend modern psychology with complementary therapies.  They support people while they focus on tackling their alcoholic and drug use.

Core Kids - Families
A specialist children and families service, Corekids offers interventions for children and families impacted by problematic drug and alcohol use.

Stitches in Time - Ethnic Integration
This charity delivers ‘English for Sewing’ with the primary aim to help women develop their confidence by acquiring new skills in textiles whilst extending their spoken English language, enabling them to progress towards further training and/or employment.

Community Projects - Community
Delivers community regeneration services and work in London’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to alleviate the consequences of deprivation on the lives of people who engage in their initiatives.

Circle Sports - Community
A social enterprise providing comprehensive training and opportunities for employment in sports and retail, together with activities for young people in the local area.

The Pet Society - Community
A social enterprise and shop selling pet food and accessories promoting responsible pet ownership and provides income to continue local regeneration activities for the community.

Almhouses - Elderly
Residential flats for elderly people.



  • Providing Crisis with towels and duvets in support of their efforts during Christmas
  • We have also donated towels, bath products etc to Trinity Hospice
  • On 11th December 2012 we will be catering Christmas Afternoon Tea for 12 residents of Almshouse (residential flats for elderly people).
  • We will be organising a  Staff Christmas Fayre on 3rd December 2012. Money raised at the fayre will be contributed to the Church Street Ward initiative. We have also invited “ Made in Marylebone” a social enterprise initiative to put up a stall at the Fayre
  • We have provided “ Made in Marylebone” a showcase at the hotel to display their crafts and handmade jewellery. Guests who are interested in these items can purchase them from “Made in Marylebone”
  • Ian our chef of twotwentytwo restaurant and bar will teach Core Trust members how to select correct ingredients, eating healthy as well as cooking skills.
  • We also donated a prize for “Half the Sky” charity auction. At this event over £140,000 was raised for children in the Half the Sky programmes in 49 cities across China


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