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The Landmark London Hotel

Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy


Our Values

At The Landmark we believe is important to foster an environment based on trust, awareness, respect, recognition, engagement, individualism, consistency, belonging and security.

TRUST is about building an on-going experience of mutual expectations being met

AWARENESS is being actively conscious of the environment around us and our impact on others

RESPECT is about promoting a positive feeling of self-worth

RECOGNITION is about being acknowledged and valued

ENGAGEMENT is an emotional connection that creates willingness to commit

INDIVIDUALISM is about embracing and learning from difference

CONSISTENCY is about delivering and maintaining standards

BELONGING is about being part of a shared experience, united by a common goal

SECURITY is the freedom and confidence to express opinions and views


Equal Opportunities 

The Landmark London is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a policy of equal statement opportunities in employment matters such as appointments, promotions, transfers, salaries and benefits.

It aims to create conditions whereby our team members are treated equally, regardless of age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability, staff category, sexual orientation, gender, marital or parental status, political belief, social or economic class, or any other such criteria. 


Guiding Principles

Principles are the rules, constraints and behaviours that we all need to follow in our daily activities.

We have established some Guiding Principles which are covered in six areas: People, Service, Product, Profit, Technical Skills and Environment. For each area we established guiding principles that will help us to achieve our mission as a Company.  


Company Behaviours

The Landmark London Hotel expects that every team member will display behaviours that are aligned with the business mission of delivering memorable moments to your guests. Therefore, we have listed ten essential personal behaviours:

1. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - clustering three main behaviours:

     - Commitment with Excellence

     - Positive Attitude

     - Contribute to Ideas


2. DRIVE FOR RESULTS - clustering five main behaviours:

    - Financial Understanding

    - Effective Planning

    - Problem Solving

    - Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

    - Negotiation Skills


3. INSPIRING OTHERS - clustering six main behaviours:

    - Role Model

    - Integrity

    - Learning Organisation

    - Managing People

    - Self Development

    - Developing People


4. COLLABORATION - clustering two main behaviours:

    - Communication

    - Team Work